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Book now at the alegre beach resort cebu and get the best prices! 002

Book Now at The Alegre Beach Resort Cebu and Get The Best Prices!


The Alegre Beach Resort nestles amidst a 7-hectare green tropical garden of the province.

Its white sandy beach and turquoise water lure visitors from everywhere making the place famous. In spite of its popularity, you can always have your quite, relaxing, and private space.
Alegre offers you all the facilities, services and amenities that a 5-star hotel can offer. It simply means that you can have a great time in this place in addition to the fantastic beach, sea, and interesting water activities you can experience.
Book now at the alegre beach resort cebu and get the best prices! 001
Alegre Beach Resort offers you…
20 luxurious cabanas with 2 great bedrooms
pristine white coralline beaches
has 3 private beach coves
surrounded by tropical plants including palm trees, flowering plants, etc.
provides both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms & similar facilities
The cabanas have great facilities including television, minibar, air-condition facility, a huge veranda where you can enjoy the view of the surroundings and the blue sea. The private coves of Alegre Beach Resort can totally give you relaxing and tranquil feeling. You can walk on the beach, lying lazily on the lounger, swim or just get sunkissed.

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All conveniences of a five-star beach resort. Alegre offers only the best to its honored guests and visitors. Being a 5-star facility, it provides you with great services with its friendly and helpful hosts. You can avail most of the facilities you might need for your perfect holiday and rest.
Its natural beauty and tranquil luxury
The Pavilion: a restaurant set on top of a cliff that serves international and local cuisine; has Bar & Lounge
“The Cliff Seafood BBQ and Bar”. Yes, this is perfect for a place like this especially when the darkness starts to cover the world and all you can hear are the waves of the sea and the insects lurking in the dark but peaceful surroundings.

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