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Mikes Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals

Bohol Scooter Rental


Planing on renting a motor scooter in Bohol?

We offer the lowest prices for reliable Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals in Bohol!

Bohol Island Motorcycle/Scooter Rentals

Mikes Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals
Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals

Rent a scooter today from Bohol’s top scooter rental company. Customers come to them from all over the world to rent late model, high-end fully automatic scooters or sign up with one of our guided or self-guided motorcycle tours of Bohol.

Island Scooter Rentals includes:
A map of Bohol so you can find your way around, driving and safety tips, a full tank of gas so you wont run out of gas as soon as you leave, delivery service with a 3 day rental or more.
While here in Bohol, you may want to take a tour but there are times when it is just not convenient. While the tours are at set times and usually rushed, renting a scooter becomes more practical.

If you’re more interested in seeing the sights at your own pace. then renting a scooter is much more convenient. And if you haven’t been on a scooter yet, you have no idea how much fun they can be!

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